IC list for Independent Gangrel

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IC discussion list for Independent Gangrel, Masquerade
The small group of Independent Gangrel in Canada have recently been convinced
through discussion with the Justicar of Clan Gangel to maintain better contact
with their nomadic members for the safety of its Pack. The Justicar convinced the
Alpha to agree to use a sub-channel on the Camarilla Gangrel’s bulletin board
system as a way to communicate and keep in touch. The older technology is not
actually connected to the internet directly. Users have to have a modem, the
phone number and the username/password to log in to the ancient system. More
technologically savvy members of this clan can use a telnet client application on
their phone or computer to connect to this remote system. Voice technology
allows members of the clan to call into the BBS, speak their message and have it
post to the board. The system is protected from hackers and outsiders because
the system cannot be accessed from the internet directly.

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