IC list for Assamite Antitribu

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IC Discussion list for Assamite Antitribu, Masquerade
An email lists for Assamites loyal to the Sabbat. The incoming and outgoing email communication to this list is secured on an impenetrable server located in a
unknown, fortified location. The server itself is encrypted and blocked from the rest of the internet via Clan Tzimisce’s thaumaturgical intervention. For all intents
and purposes this list is considered safe to use for Sabbat related communication. This list was originally created at the behest of the Canadian Cardinal by a small pack of Nosferatu Antitribu and Tzimisce
who named their endeavour Project Amarantine. A Paladin monitors all related communication and assigns list membership. This list requires characters to
possess Sabbat Status and be recognized by the highest ranking member of their Clan loyal to the Sabbat to gain access.

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